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Frequently asked questions

1. What if the product I ordered for is not available?

Since we’re dealing with perishables, on rare occasions, this can happen. We will not dispatch to you unless it meets our quality standards as your satisfaction is our top priority.
We will either reschedule it a day or two in front so what you ordered can be sourced from the farm or else will substitute it with the closest alternative.
Don’t worry, we will always keep you in the loop, and confirm any substitution or delay with you.

2. If I cancel my order, what is your refund policy?

To cancel all orders you must email us on
Cancellation Policy:
If cancelled within 12 hours of ordering, you will receive a full refund.
If cancelled between 12 to 24 hours you are entitled to a 50% refund.
If cancelled post 24 hours, you will receive 25% refund.
For Subscriptions:
You can cancel anytime and the refund will be pro rata based as per remaining deliveries.

3. Do you offer within 24 hour deliveries?

On special request, additional payment for same and based on availability deliveries within a 24 hour period can be made.

4. Can I order from any part of Bengaluru?

As long as its connected by road and within the municipal limits of Bengaluru we’ll deliver. Just make sure to give us the right contact information and address.

5. How well is my order packed?

We’ve been exporting all our produce from decades, and our packaging is solid enough to make sure our produce is damage free and fresh even for shipments to Canada so within our own city limits, your produce will reach you as fresh as it was when harvested on the farm.

6. What if there is no one at home to receive the order?

We call a day in advance to check your convenience and availability so usually this problem doesn’t arise. If it does you can always inform us to deliver to a neighbour or the security personnel.
In the event that nothing works out, we will have the delivery re-attempted at another time but this will carry an additional charge of Rs. 150.

7. Can I modify or cancel my order?

Yes, you can easily modify or cancel before 24 hours of scheduled delivery. Refund policy is stated above.

Feel free to call us for any help on +91 6366356363 or email us at