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Flower Care

Love and Care for your Flowers:

As soon as you receive:

- Unwrap the packaging around the flowers.

- Remove the leaves and branches from the lower part of the stem.

- Hold the stems under running water and cut about 1 inch from the bottom of the stem, preferably at a 45% angle. This results in a smoother uptake of water and the flowers remaining fresh longer.

- Take drinking, preferably RO water in a vase, enough to have at least 4 cm of the stems dipped in.

- If possible add flower food to the water. It helps flowers bloom beautifully and last longer.

- A makeshift alternative to flower food (If not in stock) is adding a little sugar and a pinch of bleach to the water, as this prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi and helps the flowers remain fresh longer.

- Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight, and heat. It dehydrates the flowers and causes them to dry and wither.

- Ideal temperature for most flowers is 18° to 25° Celsius.

Regular Care:

- You must change the water in the vase daily to increase the life of the flower.

- Wipe and clean the vase when changing water.

- Add a teaspoon of flower food to the freshwater

- Check for withered flowers and prune them

- Every alternate day, snip the stems of all flowers by a cm. This will considerably improve the life of the flowers.

General Care:

- Do not spray water on flowers, they’ll decay faster if you do so. Flowers are hydrated by the water from the vase.

- Do not keep the flowers close to electronic devices. These devices generate heat which increases the temperature surrounding the flowers and causes them to wither faster.