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Time to turn
over a New leaf

Corporate Concierge

Elevate your space with elegant bouquets filled with premium blooms! Whether it’s adding a splash of colour to your reception, or a centerpiece for your conference room and lobby, rest assured we’ve got you covered.

Flower Power

At Farmerr we value bringing our best to your table, whether it be an office desk, conference room, restaurant bar or hotel lobby. Arriving weekly, or fortnightly, this tabletop arrangement is sure to brighten up any space. Includes: 1 medium sized tabletop arrangement (per week/fortnight)

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Fill in the Blanks

Brighten up your office and shared spaces with these happy, farm-fresh blooms. From small, intimate spaces to large and busy corporate offices, this weekly or fortnightly subscription delivers 4 flower arrangements that are perfect for sustaining and reenergizing that working spirit! Includes - 4 regular sized tabletop arrangements (per week/ fortnight)

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Reception Refresher

There’s nothing more calming than entering a space filled with fragrant, happy flowers that compliment your workplace. Sign up for this weekly, or fortnightly artisan bouquet subscription or your entryway vase, and relax and enjoy your work without missing a beat! Includes: 1 artisan bouquet (per week/fortnight)

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