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Terms & Conditions

1. We clearly do not control nature. As flowers are governed by natural laws sometimes some flowers may not be available in the desired quality, but don’t worry, we’re OG Farmerr’s and we’ve got your back. We’ll replace it with the next best alternative and you get something as close to what you were looking for.

2. We will always ensure you get value for your money. We’ve eliminated all channels between us the Farmerr and you the connoisseur for precisely this reason. But to help serve you best, we need you to help us with some things:
- In the unlikely event that your order is damaged in transit, kindly hold on to the same and contact us within 12 hours from receipt.
- As most of what we deal with are perishable, we won’t be liable for claims received after the same.
- We will try and offer a full replacement, but if for some reason that isn’t possible we’ll offer a full/ partial refund.

3. We will try and deliver in the mornings itself to ensure freshness and to beat this frightening Bengaluru traffic. Some things to keep in mind:
- We will call you a day before to confirm delivery, and may call you on the day to confirm the address if need be.
- We will try to deliver as soon as possible or on the requested time, but since its coming directly from the farms we cannot promise an exact delivery time.
- Specially requested paid deliveries for special occasions will be delivered as requested.
- Unforeseen circumstances like natural disaster or State/ National emergencies may take us off schedule but we will get back to the delivery as soon as it clears up.
- In case an incorrect address has been accidentally provided, and we are unable to contact the recipient or sender, the sender will still be charged irrespective of whether delivered or not, due to the perishable nature of our products.
- In case the recipient is unavailable at the requested time and the delivery is delayed for any other reason, we will ensure our best to maintain the product quality and have it delivered at another time. But no refunds will be available in this case.
- If a subsequent delivery has to be attempted due to changes done by the recipient said delivery will be chargeable.

4. If any address or any other changes or cancellation must be made, it should be done at least 24 hours before the delivery date. Please read through our FAQs to better understand our cancellation policy.

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